25 Start Up Business Ideas

Jul 9, 2021

George Holmes

George Holmes

Managing Director + Co-Founder

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, the business sense, and the courage to take on the risk of starting a business, then you have almost everything you need to get started. However, you’re going to need an idea to start building a business plan off of, as well.

Here, we’re going to look at a wide range of business startup ideas that could help you eager entrepreneurs get started.


You don’t necessarily need to be chartered to offer your advice and expertise to other business owners or private individuals. You can do the bookkeeping for a small business, maintain balance sheets, income statements, and other financial reports. For tax accounting or other specialisations, you’re going to need formal education, however.


One of the very first types of “online business,” bloggers have long been part of the online landscape. Write valuable and informative content on subjects you’re keen on, and you might be able to sell ebooks or other online products. However, most blogs make their money by hosting adverts and joining an affiliate marketing arrangement.

Online coaching

A business that has seemingly boomed over the past decade, due to the rise of YouTube tutorial channels as well as informative blogs. If you have a large knowledge base and expertise in certain subjects or industries, you can provide advice online, but with premium online courses that help coach your audience to success for a fee.

Creating chatbots

You don’t need to know how to code to create the chatbots that are currently dominating the online business website world. There are tools that allow everyday people to learn about bot functions, create those chatbots, and launch them online all without any coding expertise.

Bicycle repair and sales

Bicycles are becoming trendy again, in part due to an increasing focus on more environmentally friendly ways of getting around. To that end, setting up a garage, a storage unit, or a storefront so you can repair bikes is becoming a lucrative business and you might be able to make some extra by selling after-market and replacement parts, too.

Ecommerce shops

Ecommerce has made it much easier to start a shop with fewer start-up costs and increased flexibility. You can even start an eCommerce shop from the comfort of your own home, with many selling items that they then order from wholesalers.

If you’ve started a few businesses before and managed to get them successfully funded, then you have a talent that others could use. A lot of entrepreneurs have trouble putting business plans together and may be willing to pay you to do it for them.

Online assistant

If you’re good with admin work, with multitasking, and have a great eye for detail, then you could work as a virtual assistant to business and organizational leaders across the globe. Develop specialisations in certain industries and you can raise your rates to premium levels, as well.

Online marketing services

If you have some marketing expertise or even a little creative flair, you could sell it to businesses trying to expand their reach online. This can include social media marketing, creating advert graphics, content writing, and much more. Learn more about the technical side of online marketing to support your creative services, too.

App development

If you have the necessary coding expertise, then you could make and sell apps to a wide range of companies. Not only can you do contract work with specific clients, but there are app market places, where you can sell the entirety of an app to a business for them to have full ownership rights over it.

Box subscription services

Do you have expertise in food, makeup, hair and beauty, wine, or something else? Subscription box services are curated retail services in which you send a box of goods to each customer who has subscribed, monthly, seasonally, or whenever they like. If you have a reputation for great taste in certain products, this could be an excellent way to make some money off of it.

Cleaning services

If you have great attention to detail, there are a number of ways you could profit from cleaning services. This can include housekeeping services, retail cleaning services, and office cleaning services. You can also offer specialised services such as carpet cleaning which you could charge more for.

English teacher

The internet is making the world more connected than ever, and any native or bilingual English teacher could make a business teaching the English language online to people online. There are multiple English teaching platforms you could join to build a client base, but several people have set up English teaching businesses targeting specific countries and peoples as niches, too.

Translation services

A potentially very profitable industry to join, if you are fluent in more than one language, you could start making money with very little capital, as you don’t need much more than the skills you have. If you’re not only fluent in a language, but very familiar with multiple cultures, you could also go into localization, which is much deeper and thus much more profitable than translation alone.

Selling photograph and videos

There is an ever-growing market for stock photography and videos on the internet. Depending on the quality of the work you produce, you can make a lot of money, and there are some stock websites that enlist their best creators to fit certain criteria or subjects for photographs and videos. Of course, you can establish yourself as a photographer or videographer to sell your services to clients, as well.


Do you have a lot of children and plenty of experience in keeping them under control? Once you have the training and certification necessary, you could operate a childcare business from your own home. Get enough clients and you could end up expanding into a full childcare property.

Furniture repair and upholstery

Driven, again, by the growing sustainable market, there is an increasing demand for those who repair, upholster, and rejuvenate furniture. More people are willing to spend a little money to keep their old furniture, rather than being wasteful and spending full price on a replacement.

Business consultant

There’s a potential for consultants in just about every field of running or managing a business. Whether your expertise is sales, marketing, logistics, HR, or otherwise, there’s likely to be a business owner who could benefit from your experience and be willing to pay you for it.

Real estate valuation

A business that requires a lot of travel but offers a lot of flexibility, you can earn as much as you’re willing to travel for. Earn your certification to evaluate homes for owners, buyers, and financial institutions, helping them find an accurate price point for any property based on factors discovered during your investigations.

Meal planning

Meal planning services, especially online ones, are becoming more popular for both foodies and those looking to eat more healthily. They’re looking for those with the expertise to help them create a list of ingredients, step-by-step recipes and, for the health market, education on nutritional value. This is often set up as a subscription service but if you can set it up as a premium advice service catered to individual needs, you could charge even more for it.


Both online and in the physical world, there are plenty of people with the idea for a book, but without the skills necessary to bring it to life. From eBooks for online businesses to celebrity memoirs to fiction for imaginative minds, you could make a living ghostwriting for any number of people.

Herb farming

A market that’s fast-growing due to hobbyist foodies, an increase in cookery courses, and restaurants looking for garnishes. If you have the room to grow herbs on your property, then you could stand to make money from them. Herbs are also bought by those who make products like soaps, candles, aromatherapy oils and so on, so setting up a herb store could prove lucrative indeed.

Dog walking

It may sound like a very simple job, but people are willing to pay high for those who have a license as a dog walker and can be trusted to help them give their pooches the exercise they need. After all, they won’t trust just anyone with their pets.


Have expertise in a subject and a good radio voice to go with it? Podcasting is becoming the new blogging, with more lucrative advertising opportunities than ever. Start a podcast, build some listeners, and find advertising partners and you could make a full-time career out of it.

Which business idea should you choose? It’s best to select a few ideas that grab your enthusiasm and to do your research on them to make sure there’s room for them in the market that you want to target. Your enthusiasm and a market with room to sustain it is a killer combination that’s worth taking advantage of.

If you’re interested in seeing what business loan options you have available to help kick-start an idea, get in touch today and we’ll get you on the right track. Call us now on 020 3355 7462.

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