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HMRC is a hungry institution and if you or your business fails to pay them in a timely manner, you may begin to feel the consequences.
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VAT Loans & Tax Loans

One thing business owners and accountants will be very familiar with is tax and VAT. HMRC is a hungry institution and if you or your business fails to pay them in a timely manner, you may begin to feel the consequences.

Unfortunately, it’s the novice and new businesses that may face difficulties when the taxman comes knocking. If there isn’t enough money in the bank, newer businesses may struggle to pay the bill. However, with a VAT loan or tax loan, you may have some leverage.

What are the Different Types of HMRC Tax Loan?

There are a range of financing options available to you if you need that little bit extra to keep HMRC happy. It’s important to keep these tax payments up year-on-year to avoid any unwanted fees and fines given out to businesses that miss the cut-off period. 

VAT funding and corporate tax bill finance can provide you with the working capital you require, so you can focus on what matters in your business instead of worrying about ever-present costs.

Aurora Capital will be able to provide you with the money you need to maintain business as usual. We’ll scan the market, finding the tax and VAT loans with the best rates and rewards so you can continue to grow your business without concerns regarding cost.

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What is a VAT Loan?

A VAT loan is a form of financing that helps you pay the quarterly VAT tax bill. As insinuated, this bill is due at the end of each quarter and HMRC give you 5 weeks to pay the tax bill after the end of the VAT period.

You only need to be VAT registered if your business earns over £85,000. However, if you are registered and require additional working capital to keep up with this bill, VAT funding can come in handy. This is especially true when the bills arrives at the same time as rent, payroll, and other expenses.

With VAT finance, you keep on top of the expenses and continue driving growth. Many lenders can offer a direct payment to HMRC on your behalf with repayment due over 1-3 months. Others can offer a simple unsecured business loan. At Aroura, we’ll find the right one for you.

What are Tax Loan?

A tax loan is form of financing that helps you pay for your annual corporate tax return. If you’re a limited company, you’ll have to pay corporation tax at the end of the year.

Because the tax is calculated retrospectively, keeping some capital aside to pay it can sometimes slip the minds of newer business owners. Tax bill finance can come in handy if you find yourself short of cash when HMRC comes knocking.

Tax loans, similar to VAT loans, can be paid directly to HMRC or into a bank account of your choice, giving you the capital to pay your tax bill comfortably when it arrives.

What is a Tax Refund Loan?

As well as standard tax loans and VAT loans, there is also a newer version which is increasing in popularity known as a tax refund loan. This loan is for businesses who have overpaid on their income tax and can’t afford to wait for HMRC to refund them. 

This form of short-term funding gives the business quick cash while they wait for HMRC to repay them. The amount loaned will be compared against the amount expected in the refund. Once HMRC have refunded the money, the business can then repay the lender.

If you’re in need of a tax or VAT loan, get in touch with our team today and we’ll give you the advice and guidance you need to make educated decision. Call us now on 020 3355 7462 or get in touch via our live chat.


How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow will depend on your business and time trading. However, as a general rule – we finance equipment with a value of £1000 upwards. This will also depend on what type of asset your are trying to finance or refinance.

Can I refinance the equipment/machinery that I already own?

Yes you can, however there are certain criteria surrounding the age and condition of equipment that we’ll refinance. (Such as the type of equipment, and the date that you purchased it.)

What is lease finance?

Lease finance is a way of renting an asset over a certain period. With this type of finance, you will never own the asset and will return it at the end of the term. This allows businesses to keep up with new technologies without the need to sell at the end of the term.

What type of businesses do you lend to?

We lend to all types of businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been established a few decades or just a few months – we can provide finance for businesses of all sectors, sizes and stages.

What is Hire Purchase?

Hire Purchase is a straightforward way of purchasing an asset and spreading the cost over time with affordable monthly repayments. You will be responsible for the maintenance and associated costs as you will have full ownership of the asset once you finance term ends.

What type of assets can you finance?

We can finance all sorts of assets from big bits of machinery to gym equipment. Most lenders will have a preference over what type of kit they can finance. This will be broken down into soft and hard assets. Hard assets can include; vehicles and machinery & soft assets can include; CCTV, Gym equipment, Flooring and Furniture.

Please drop us a call if you are unsure on what can be financed.


Please drop us a call if you are unsure on what can be financed.

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