Fifa World Cup and football
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What Is The Real Cost of World Cup 2018?

From an England point of view, the real cost of World Cup 2018 in many fans minds will be seen as ‘failure’ to reach the tournament’s final against eventual winners France. With many thinking that this would be the best chance we had of winning since 1966.

While France celebrated in to the night with the Jules Rimet trophy in their clutches, Gareth Southgate and his young team flew home back to blighty. In the days before, many English fans flew back themselves and returned to the normality of work and family life with the Premier League season set to kick off in a few weeks, it’ll be back to the rivalry we have been accustomed too between club supporters.

However, looking back on what was an incredibly successful World Cup campaign, not only for England but the tournament as a whole, there is at the end of the day, a cost to everything. From the a consumer point of view, the ticket prices alone were eye-watering to say the least. Many standard category tickets for the knockout stage matches set fans back around £2,458 ($3,249), while the group stages will have cost £2,631 ($3,477) combined.

All in all, that’s around 22% of the UK’s average annual salary. Plus, flights at anywhere between £600 ($793) and £1,500 ($1,983) depending on where you are in the world, insurance at £41 ($54), and hotels at around £987 ($1,305) and counting, the cost of the world cup is a small fortune for any individual fans attending the competition.

However, the true cost of the world cup extends far beyond what most can imagine. If you take into account the cost on the host nation, the funds handled by FIFA and national football associations, the money lost in advertising, operations, infrastructure and accommodating resources for businesses worldwide, from an economic perspective the overall break-even after losses and profits is highly questionable.

This year companies in the UK witnessed a blackout the morning after some of the England games; employees just didn’t turn up to work.

The estimated loss figure for employees ‘pulling sickies’ reaches £500 million ($661 million) nationwide. After the (rugby match) England vs Colombia encounter, millions of football fans were expected to call in sick, and they did. While each individual case may seem like nothing much, all together, a £500 million loss in a day is a big hit for the economy.

As we wave goodbye to another tournament that’s come and gone quicker than a normal conversation about Brexit, the overall cost of Russia hosting the world cup is believed to around the $14.2 billion mark – making it the most expensive in history thus far – you can bet a fair amount went on the fireworks during the closing ceremony!

It’s difficult to say whether Russia’s massive investment, will reap long lasting benefits from hosting the competition. Although the injection of cash means they will have a few more hospitals and better airports in the long term, essentially improving the country for a better future.

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