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To Summer Destinations and Back

“Everybody has a summer holiday, doin’ things they always wanted to. So we’re going on a summer holiday, to make our dreams come true – for me and you.” Whatever they say about Sir Cliff Richard, he certainly knows how to get you in the holiday mood – if only he came up with a song that defeated the holiday blues…

Let’s face it, after our summer get away has come to an end we have a touch of the holiday blues, in addition to many of us even experiencing challenges when we return home – due to spending more than we can afford, coupled with what we actually come back to when it’s time to go back to work.

With the summer holiday period well into its peak time, British tourists looking to escape the mundane routine of work life are likely to spend an average of £1,175 per person on their getaway plus an additional £118 on pre-trip purchases such as holiday clothes and toiletries.

Many of which are in the mindset of ‘spend now worry later’ with a simple but costly credit card payment, but this raises the question of; how you’re going to pay off the eventual bill?

After all, everyone is entitled to free time outside the confines of the office or working environment for a few weeks, holidays are something people find very hard to give up and that’s understandable – for some its what is anticipated the most throughout the calendar year.

Thus, to enjoy your summer and keep your business performing to the best of its capabilities why not consider savings/cutbacks or better still, the alternative funding option for business is one that start-up businesses can benefit from.

While every successful business has an Accountant and Solicitor representing them in their time of need, another component to have in your business armoury is a Funding Specialist – the question is do you have one? If not, why not?!

Funding specialists such as us at Aurora Capital assist clients with procuring funding support for the organisation. We’re able to collaborate with your internal services and ensure your needs and expectations are met fully – not just this summer, but all year round!

This is key for direct investment in businesses, including stock purchase, expansion & refurbishment funds and equipment purchases – not only that, alternative funding is potentially accessible at a faster rate than other traditional loans you be accustomed to.

This method can be unique and tailored to your needs, through its efficient processes, it has the potential to help not only you and your business, but so many more that may be experiencing the same situation as you.

Aurora Capital are funding consultants, assisting UK businesses raise the necessary capital they require to facilitate future plans in the company. We have access to 15+ different lenders in a range of different lending markets, enabling us to source the most competitive solutions for your business.

Enhancing this funding opportunity, enables us to advise you on the best product for your organisation, as well as prioritising our collaboration to successfully secure the livelihoods of all small UK businesses including yours.

This in turn ensures that you may have time and money to enjoy your personal life with family and friends, if that means venturing on holiday for a week or two, then why not!

If you would like to get in touch and find out more information on alternative funding, please call the team on 01371 870 815 or email– we’re more than happy to help!

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