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The Summertime Slow Slump

The summertime is a much appreciated time within the annual calendar, gone are the days of winter chills, blankets and a warm cup of cocoa, the warm weather brings about a sense of cheer for everyone to venture outside and enjoy the sunshine, an alcoholic beverage and a chance to get your milk bottles out for some much needed sun (legs!) – although as we’re about to find out, sometimes there isn’t always that much to cheer about from a business point of view as custom seems to dry up (if you pardon the pun.)

Unless your business is set on the sands of a local beach selling ice creams, inflatables and bucket and spades, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank off the back of this summer’s glorious heatwave, the summer months can bring with it a huge lag in business.

The “summer slow months” can be tough for small business owners. They can really feel the burn. Have you ever found yourself wondering: why is business so slow right now? As Michael Jackson once sung: you’re not alone!

It can be due to many things why the slow period may be affecting your business, so let’s take a look at the main reasons:

  • During the summer months the last thing your customers want is to be indoors. Instead during their summer holidays they’ll most likely be lapping up the sunshine for a number of weeks. Prior to this many people may be in ‘holiday mode’ and not be sticking to their normal routine of buying a regular item that you offer.
  • In addition, those lucky enough to be heading away on holiday here or abroad will also need spending money, expect to see many saving the last few pennies to make their holiday that extra special. In this instance, they’ll also be hard to get in touch with, even online.
  • The summer season also marks a time for school children to enjoy their time off, which in turn means many parents are booking time off to stay at home or making childcare arrangements that all mount up to a significant cost, subsequently making sacrifices at home which may involved your product and/or service taking a back seat for the time being.
  • Unless you provide a local service that customers NEED you’re going to start noticing your calendar looking pretty barren.

Thus, while there may be many reasons for custom being affected during the Summer, what can you do to rectify the situation and stop the process putting a dent in your business dealings?

  • Expand your range of products and services for longer seasons
  • Extend your operating season for consistent cash flow
  • Keep carrying on (stay active and positive)
  • Stay on top of your finances (this doesn’t mean cutting expenses)

The latter of these options is something Aurora Capital can help you with and provide expertise to your down turn. Alternative finance could hold the key to funding and expanding your business. For many small business owners, access to large funds from traditional lenders can be somewhat restricted for future planning, including the summer slowness you may be experiencing at present.

As such, Aurora Capital are funding consultants, assisting UK businesses raise the necessary capital they require to facilitate future plans in the company throughout the year. We have access to 15+ different lenders in a range of different lending markets, enabling us to source the most competitive solutions for your business. Not only will we strive to source the most competitive offers, but we can advise you on the best product for your business moving forward.

Enhancing this opportunity, enables us to prioritise education and collaboration to successfully secure the livelihoods of small UK businesses, which in turn can see you claim your own summer sensation.

If you would like to get in touch and find out more information on alternative funding, please call the team on 01371 870 815 or email– we’re more than happy to help!

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