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Benefits of Using Aurora Capital

Alternative funding may be something you have considered for your business, but then again it might not have been something you have thought about because …

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To Summer Destinations and Back

“Everybody has a summer holiday, doin’ things they always wanted to. So we’re going on a summer holiday, to make our dreams come true – …

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The Summertime Slow Slump

The summertime is a much appreciated time within the annual calendar, gone are the days of winter chills, blankets and a warm cup of cocoa, …

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How a finance broker can assist you in the your funding application?

With so many lenders now in the market it can feel like a very daunting task trying to find the right funder for your business. …

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7 Deadly Sins to consider when dealing with energy companies

Sloth: or doing nothing – just sticking with the same energy supplier To your energy provider you are the perfect customer, you are loyal, you …

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What lenders will look for when determining a funding decision

With more and more B2B lenders entering the finance industry with different requirements and criteria, it can be difficult to understand where to go. Although …

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5 Alternatives to Bank Loans

With lending from banks falling, especially for SME’s, business owners are always on the look out for alternative funding solutions. If you do fall into …

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Alternative Funding to grow your Retail Business

Since the economic downturn in 2008 there has been an influx of alternative lenders that have entered into the market. Gone are the days where …

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Alternative Funding to grow your Hospitality Business

Whether you are a pub, bar, restaurant or hotel, many traditional lenders, such as the bank, see much of the hospitality sector as high risk. …

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Alternative Funding Options for Gym/Fitness Centers

Seeing that many traditional lenders, such as the bank, see much of the gym/fitness sector as high risk, funding can be hard to come by …

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4 Top Tips to Grow Your Retail Business

Over the last 10 years the landscape of the retail industry has changed altogether. Not only has there been a huge increase in high street …

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