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Financial Aspects To Consider Before Starting Your Business

Starting a business has many risks involved. From securing your initial funding to ensuring your finances stay afloat, there are many monetary aspects to juggle. …

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Hit The Ground Running In 2019!

Are you one of many that have muttered the words, “new year, new me?” – if you are, then we congratulate you for forward thinking! …

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Alternative Forward-Thinking Funding For SME

Here at Aurora Capital we have only ever worked with SME’s, and only ever will, so we understand the business needs better than other commercial …

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Tap Into The Alternative Funding Route For Your Business Future

If you’re a small business owner or looking to start-up your new enterprise, one piece of advice that you should hold dear is, “don’t be …

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Are You Ready For To Put Your Summer Hospitality Plans Into Action?

We may have only just entered the Spring season and finished off our Easter Eggs, after a Winter that may have delivered or as successful …

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Alternative funding

Alternative Funding Could Hold The Key To Your Success

Alternative finance could hold the key to funding and expanding your business. For many small business owners, access to large funds from traditional lenders can …

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Don’t Be A Fool With Your April Tax Bill

Many of us like to think of the month of April contains the one day in the year where we can play a practical joke …

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Budget forecast

Activate Your Business Budgets In Good Time

Budgeting is a critically important part of the business planning process. If you’re a business owner and have a management team at your disposal, you …

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Financial calendar year end date

Have You Thought About Your Upcoming Tax Bill?

With time quickly flashing by we find ourselves in February already, a forward thought of the month may relate to the financial year ending in …

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Marketing strategy

Why Should The Development of Marketing Matter To You?

It doesn’t matter where you go, you will more than likely find modern technology in every direction you look. Social media reaching out to you, …

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Traditional Bank Lending vs Alternative Funding

Whichever business industry you may be in, the new year could signify the opportunity to opt for outside sourcing of your company financing. Perhaps 2017 …

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Festive Wishes from Aurora Capital

Christmas Day is only around the corner, in the blink of an eye the presents will be discovered under the tree for all to open, …

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DON’T Leave Your Festive Shopping To The Last Minute!

Every year without fail you promise that this year will be different, this is the year you prepare and complete the dreaded festive shopping before …

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Snowman and reindeer shopping

Is your business geared up for Christmas?

November is upon us. As the nights draw darker before long, thoughts of Christmas will be your company’s main focus (if it isn’t already) as …

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Aurora Capital has partnered up with Merchant Advice Services

MAS are a team of industry experts armed with reliable and comprehensive information on the UK’s merchant services, they help businesses secure the right deal …

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