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Do You Have A Funding Specialist?

While every successful business has an Accountant and Solicitor representing them in their time of need, another component to have in your business armoury is a Funding Specialist – the question is do you have one? If not, why not?!

Funding specialists such as us at Aurora Capital assist clients with procuring funding support for the organisation. We’re able to collaborate with your internal services and ensure your needs and expectations are met fully.

We’re also able to independently work towards obtaining the best quotes within the current financial market. Essentially, we are able to make capital available for the wider variety of business owners out there.

Having a funding specialist on board is particularly popular with startup businesses, who are more likely to select alternative finance methods to secure capital as approaching banks. This is key for direct investment in businesses, including stock purchase, expansion & refurbishment funds and equipment purchases – not only that, alternative funding is potentially accessible at a faster rate than other traditional loans you be accustomed to.

We can even meet with clients to determine the nature of their needs and any limitations. A company looking for funding to expand operations, for example, could talk about what it wants to do and how much money will be required. Deadlines may be discussed as well, to provide information about when the funding needs to arrive to meet the needs of the client. With this information, we can develop a list of potential funding options, as well as providing information about the types of funding available.

This method can be unique and tailored to your needs, through it’s efficient processes, it has the potential to help not only you and your business, but so many more!

As such, Aurora Capital are funding consultants, assisting UK businesses raise the necessary capital they require to facilitate future plans in the company. We have access to 15+ different lenders in a range of different lending markets, enabling us to source the most competitive solutions for your business.

Not only will we strive to source the most competitive offers, but we can advise you on the best product for your business moving forward.

Enhancing this opportunity, enables us to advise you on the best product for your organisation, as well as prioritising our collaboration to successfully secure the livelihoods of all small UK businesses including yours.

If you would like to get in touch and find out more information on alternative funding, please call the team on 01371 870 815 or email– we’re more than happy to help!

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