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Aurora Capital has partnered up with Merchant Advice Services

MAS are a team of industry experts armed with reliable and comprehensive information on the UK’s merchant services, they help businesses secure the right deal for their company. All across the Country businesses are signing contracts that do not fit their business, MAS bring transparency and standards to the industry, providing businesses with the most competitive deals suited to their needs – not just for now, but for the long term.

Aurora Capital saw the need to partner with a trusted company, with a wealth of experience within merchant accounts and payment gateways. This is clearly apparent within the high-risk industry where Merchant Advice Service were able to help 83% of high-risk businesses who couldn’t secure accounts elsewhere. They aim to save clients’ money while also providing good honest advice.”

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Aurora Capital asked David and Libby from MAS to speak about their business further, and why they have partnered with Aurora Capital.

Why was MAS set up?

‘Merchant Advice Service was set up due to the lack of transparency within the complex industry of merchant services and payment gateways. Our aim was to educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions when choosing the correct finance solution for their business, from card payment facilities to business loans. We provide straight talking, plain English advice and work with worldwide industry experts with a wealth of experience. So many companies out there could be on much better deals than their current ones but don’t switch because the big banks and names hold too much of a monopoly on the market so awareness about what options are out there is lacking’

With more and more businesses taking card payments, how can you make sure they are getting the right deal?

‘Look at all aspects of taking card payments, the right provider and rate for one business won’t be the same for all! Comparing on rates alone is a common mistake some clients make – look out for hidden charges such as minimum transaction fees and authorisation fees. This isn’t a one size fits all comparison procedure, take your time and find a provider that’s right for you!’

How can you see the merchant service industry interlink with business finance?

‘Our Directors, Libby and David, come from a finance background and realise how important it is to deal with trusted companies. Merchant Advice Service understand that although things aren’t always straight forward, dealing with industry experts is paramount to making good business decisions and this relevant over all aspects of finance’

What made you choose Aurora Capital as your preferred finance partner?

‘We chose Aurora Capital, due to their reliability. Aurora take a similar approach to business as we do, therefore we think we’re a perfect fit. David had also used them directly for help obtaining specialist business financing in the past and knew that they were great at finding deals that aren’t middle of the road type finance’

If you would like to discuss this further, please make direct contact with one of our members of staff on 01371 870815.

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