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Alternative Forward-Thinking Funding For SME

Here at Aurora Capital we have only ever worked with SME’s, and only ever will, so we understand the business needs better than other commercial brokers. The alternative funding approach is one that is a forward thinking tactic that can help your business prosper now and into the future.

It is becoming increasingly clear that business owners are looking outside of traditional fixed income securities for a number of reasons, towards other asset classes that can provide them with a reliable source of income. With this in mind, alternative funding has proved to be a viable option for smaller sized businesses that are looking to move up the ladder.

Whichever industry organisations are trading in, whether it be small or medium, it can often be difficult to obtain a traditional loan through banking or other such methods. This can be down to factors such as credit criteria, reducing and restricting the bank’s capital available for lending in what are considered small and unprofitable relationships. Loans of under £500K are not typically profitable for most banks with their huge overhead, regulatory burden and cost structure.

But what’s the alternative?

Aurora Capital independently work towards obtaining the best quotes within the current financial market. Essentially, we are able to make capital available for the wider variety of company owners in the UK.

We keep our finger on the pulse throughout the funding industry, from personal guarantees to lenders reducing their rates. This can all be professionally handled by your dedicated account manager, he/she will look after your application process from start to finish, as well as provide the support you require.

Although we have access to 30+ lenders, we are totally independent and will always strive to give advice when determining what funding solution is best for your business moving forward.

Having a funding specialist on board such as Aurora Capital, is particularly popular with startup businesses, who are more likely to select alternative finance methods.

Forward thinking and tapping into the alternative funding approach is key for direct investment in your business. Not only can you cover the expense of stock purchase, expansion & refurbishment funds and equipment purchases, alternative funding is potentially accessible at a faster rate than the traditional methods that may (or may not) be accessible to UK organisations.

Alternative funding is unique and tailored to your needs, through it’s own efficient processes and the expertise of Aurora Capital on your side, the process has the potential to help you achieve what you strive for in business.

Enhancing this alternative opportunity, enables us to advise you on the best product for your organisation, as well as prioritising our collaboration to successfully secure the livelihoods of all SME businesses including yours.

If you would like to get in touch and find out more information on alternative funding, please call the team on 01371 870 815 or email – we’re more than happy to help!

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