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What is van finance?

Van finance is a loan service provided by banks and financial institutions to small businesses who need a van but may not be able to afford one straight away. With different types of financial help available, it can be a little difficult to work out what’s best. Check out our guide below to everything van finance related and be on your way to a new set of wheels in no time at all.

Who can get van finance?

Van finance in the UK is open to businesses of all sizes, whether micro, small, medium or large. The loan amounts and interest rates will differ based on numerous factors – your income and expenditure, credit history, and whether or not you are securing the loan with an asset.


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Can I get van finance with bad credit?

The quick answer? Yes.

But of course, it’s a little more complex than a straight up acceptance. Those supplying the finance will have to work out the risk you present and then offset that with the total amount and interest rates they offer.

Unfortunately, the worse your credit rating, the higher the risk you present. In most cases, poor credit will just mean you’ll be expected to pay more back. In others, you may need a guarantor. Sadly, there are rare cases where you won’t be able to get finance. If you think you might not qualify, we recommend speaking to one of our team as we may be able to help.

The good news is that we have access to several lenders who are used to dealing with those who have bad credit history. These will often be your most likely route to credit, and providing you pay on time and don’t run into arrears, choosing van finance can actually help you improve your credit score.

Can I get van finance with CCJ?

You are able to access van finance deals with bad credit, including CCJs. This is especially true if your CCJ is relatively old. As mentioned, we have lenders who are used to dealing with those who have bad credit. Get in touch with our team and we can help you access lenders most likely to accept your loan application.

The different types of van finance

Contract Hire

Commonly known as van leasing, this type of van finance gives small businesses the option of a new van for a set amount of time. At no point will you own the van. Instead, you’ll be signing a contract to rent the van, usually for between 1 and 5 years.

Van Hire Purchase

Commonly called lease purchasing, a van hire purchase agreement allows you to buy your vehicle in instalments. You’ll agree a monthly fee and contract length which will equal the price of the van plus interest.

Finance Lease

This option for van finance offers you a choice come the end your contract – either hand the van back or pay a final lump-sum and the van is yours to keep. It’s worth noting that your lease payments will reduce that final lump sum. This means it’s often cheaper to pay your lump sum than look elsewhere for a similar standard, second-hand van.

Van finance considerations

Applying for credit is serious and can have real repercussions if you don’t keep up with your bills. For this reason, you’ll likely want to know as much as you can about the different considerations you should make. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most frequently asked questions. For any further advice, fill out our enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you.

Van finance for small business

If your small business has a credit history and has been trading for a while, you’ll be able to acquire your finance loan through your business accounts. However, you need to be aware that some business loans feature terms and conditions which could affect your personal credit score in the case of missed payments.

Van finance with no deposit

If your business is short on cash but needs a van, you might be best looking for van finance with no deposit. There are plenty of these deals available on the market, but you’ll need to hit a few criteria first. Most often, your business will need at least a fair credit score, but there are cases where lenders are willing to forego a deposit even for those with bad credit.

Can you get van finance with insurance?

Many lenders now include insurance as part of a van finance deal. This can help streamline your bills into one monthly payment. You’ll want to compare rates and make sure you aren’t losing out by choosing a van finance deal with insurance. If you’re concerned about this, speak to one of our advisors who can help you find the best rates, whether that includes insurance or not.

For more information on how to access van finance deals, fill out the form below or call on 01371 870 815.

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