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What is peer to peer lending?

Peer to peer lending, also known as P2P lending,is an innovative form of loan which cuts out banks and their fees. By matching those who need finance with those who want to lend money, P2P works like a marketplace–vendors offering loans and customers borrowing the amounts they require.It often provides better value for money than traditional lending streams, which accounts for its recent rise in popularity. It’s also great as an investment as those looking to lend can access a much better return than most savings accounts.

  • Exciting new form of funding
  • Regulated and safe
  • Flexible loan terms and values
  • A new way to invest
  • Good value for money
  • Available for those with bad credit

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How does P2P work?

If you’re looking to borrow money but don’t want to use a traditional financial institution like a bank, peer to peer lending matches you with individuals willing to lend the amount you require. P2P companies act as the middlemen for these loans, running the relevant credit checks, organising the loan and managing all repayments. They do take a fee for this service, yet still often remain cheaper than traditional business loans.

The biggest difference between traditional bank loans and peer to peer loans is where the money comes from. Peer to peer companies spread the cash of those investing between a number of borrowers. So, if you’re borrowing £10,000, you’ll receive that from a number of different individuals and companies registered as P2P lenders.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to invest £10,000 in a P2P lending scheme, you get more peace of mind by knowing that your money is spread between hundreds, if not thousands of clients, meaning you’ll never be left wholly short-changed by one client.

And don’t think this complicates the process –it’s the responsibility of the P2P platform to return the right money to each individual lender.

Is P2P lending safe?

Despite the fact banks aren’t involved, peer 2 peer lending is not quite the wild west of the finance world you’d initially expect. There are regulations and requirements for both lenders and borrowers, and all applications are subject to credit checks.

What about those with poorer credit?

As with any business loan or financial agreement, there are standards which individuals need to meet before any transfer of cash can happen. Lenders need to know that their money will be repaid, meaning you won’t be able to borrow money without checks and referencing.

This doesn’t mean you have to have an exemplary credit score to borrow. Peer to peer lending is available to those with bad credit.

If you do have poorer credit, you can often still register for an account and receive loans, but these will be at higher rates. There are loans within peer to peer lending for people with bad credit. If this might be you, it’s worth noting that the rates you receive will still usually be better than traditional bank loan rates.

For Lenders

Most of the risk within peer to peer business lending is on the side of those putting up the money.

There are regulations in place, such as those introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA framework has the following key objectives, which P2P platforms are now required to help implement:

    • Ensure investors receive clear and accurate information about a potential investment and understand the risks involved.
    • Ensure investors are adequately remunerated for the risk they are taking
    • Ensure transparent and robust systems for assessing the risk, value and price of loans, and fair/transparent charges to investors
    • Promote good governance and orderly business practices Lending Implementation Review

One of the biggest risks of peer to peer lending is the fact they aren’t covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Put simply, the FSCS protects lenders in the event of client insolvency. Covering each lender by up to £85,000, they ensure those who lend money aren’t left to fend for themselves when problems arise. However, P2P lending is not covered.

If a borrower defaults, you are at risk of losing your money.

The good news is that because of the way your money is shared between different borrowers, if one defaults, you will barely notice the loss. Adding in the fact that they offer incredibly competitive rates for investors, they are definitely still worth considering.

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Which are the best peer to peer lending companies?

As it’s a relatively new market, there’s no set answer to this question. With different amounts of lending and borrowing involved, different rates, and different levels of security, there are quite a few considerations to make before deciding on the best P2P lender.

Because each P2P lending site has numerous lenders, all with their own miniature terms and conditions, it’s often the case that the most competitive deal is not on the site you’ve registered with. That’s why we recommend using a broker like Aurora Capital.

By providing us with some general information, we scour the market for the best P2P lending deals for your precise requirements. This means the best rates and best security, without you having to do the leg-work.

Speak to our expert team now and see how much you could borrow with the best peer to peer lending options for you. Call us on 01371 870815 or email at

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