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Funding the cost of your gym equipment can be extremely expensive. This can be even trickier if you’re starting up a new business venture. Instead of buying all your equipment outright, you could choose to lease your equipment or use finance to pay for it without affecting your cashflow.

What is gym equipment financing?

Gym equipment finance is finance used for leasing or buying equipment that’s used in gyms. The most popular finance options for this sector are equipment leasing and hire purchase. Much like with cars, leasing acts as a rental agreement over a long term. With a hire purchase agreement, you’ll pay for the items in instalments and own them once the agreement is over.

Gym equipment goes through a lot of wear and tear. Treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines and rowing machines all have components which can become worn and break if used excessively, so many gym owners choose to lease their equipment rather than buying it. A lot of lease agreements also have the option to replace or repair items that are worn, meaning you can have the latest equipment in your gym without the financial burden.

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  • Multiple finance options available

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Which is the best way to finance exercise equipment?

There is no one way which is better than others when it comes to finance for your gym. What works for one business may not work for another and vice versa. The best way to decide which finance to choose is by talking to providers. At Aurora Capital we can help you to make the best choice based on your circumstances and the financial agreements available.

What to consider when choosing your finance

One of the main aspects to consider when choosing your agreement is whether you want to lease or buy gym equipment on finance. If you would prefer to own the equipment afterwards then a hire purchase or even a business loan can be great options. If you would prefer to have the flexibility of renewing your equipment and not have to worry about extra maintenance or repair costs, a lease would be more suitable.

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