Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow? 

This is a variable that will be dependent on the affordability of your business and also credit status. Don’t worry, when speaking to one of our experts they will run through some information with you and help you get the funds you need.


How many lenders do you have access to?

We have over 35 lenders that we actively use on a daily basis. These lenders have been handpicked to serve our customers, as they are seen to be market leaders in the lending space.


Do you work with start-ups? 

Yes, we can work with start-ups through our secured business loan product. This specific product requires either a residential or commercial property to be secured on.


What interest rates do you start from?

Unsecured Business Loans: from 1.9% per annum

Secured Business Loans: from 4.95% per annum

PDQ Cash Advance: from 1.09 factor rate

Development Finance: from 0.4% per month

Bridging Finance: from 0.6% per month


Do you require a personal guarantee?

Most of our lenders will require a personal guarantee to secure the loan, however we do have a selection of lenders that don’t require a PG. If signing a personal guarantee is going to be an issue, we do also have a relationship with a PG insurer that would be happy to assist.


Can you work with poor credit?

Absolutely – we understand as well as our lenders that things can happen beyond your control but the first step is to get in touch and let us know if there are any adverse concerns on your credit file and we can provide you with other solutions.


What is the longest term you offer?

We can look to lend up to a maximum of 7 years


Do you have to be a homeowner?

No, homeownership is not required with most of our lenders, as the majority of their underwriting is done on the performance of the business.


Are there any early settlement fees?

With most of our lenders there are no early settlement fees.


Do you charge an upfront fee for your services?

No, we get paid an introductory commission from the lender and you will therefore never have to pay us an upfront fee for the services offered.


How quickly can the funds be arranged?

Funds can be arranged in as quick as 24 hours from receipt of documentation, dependent on which lender we use. The quicker you can send us your documents, the quicker we can arrange the loan.


What information do you require?

This will vary on the product and lender we fill is best suited for you business. However, in most cases we will require; latest accounts, bank statements & an application form


Will this affect my credit score?

When filling out our application and talking to one of our experts, we will not perform a credit check. Some of our lenders will carry out a credit check to analyse scores in the background, however this will only be done with your granted permission.


What type of loan is best for me?

We have a team of expert lending specialists that can discuss your future requirements and advise on the best product and lender would be best suited for you.

The Process

Contact Us

Tell us how much you’re
looking for, what the business is intending to do with the funds.

We Find An Offer

We will search the market for the most competitive offers for your business.


Approval within 48 hours. Currently have an 85% acceptance rate.


The money can be in your account within a matter of days.

Why people choose Aurora Capital

Business Specialists

Over the last 4 years we have specialised in business funding and have an in-depth knowledge of the whole market. Business funding is what we eat, sleep and drink, so if you have a proposal you want to discuss please drop us a call.

One Of The Quickest Around

We understand that speed is everything, that is why we have a number of lenders that can pay out within 24 hours of approval. If you have a timeline you are working to, we will do our best to meet this. 

We're Independent

Aurora are totally independent; this means we can give unbiased advice when determining what funding solution is best going forward. We have a panel of 30+ lenders enabling us to scour the market for the best deal. 

Funding Nationwide

Aurora Capital can work across the whole of the UK (even Northern Ireland) to get you the funding that your business needs. 

The Personal Touch

A dedicated account manager will look after your application from start to finish, as well as provide on-going support from thereafter. 

And There's More...

Considered alternative funding? Working with Aurora Capital you can tap into the benefits of using our alternative funding service. 

Over 300 UK businesses have financed their goalsby borrowing £25 million through Aurora Capital.

£25 Million

Lent to businesses
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Did you know we're Business Champions?

Aurora Capital have built a strong relationship with Funding Circle over the past 4 year, so much so that we have become Business Champions. This exclusive program includes only 26 members across the UK, thus demonstrating our knowledge and expertise in this sector.  

Benefits of Being a Business Champion

Direct Access to Support Teams

We can obtain faster decisions than other brokers, as well as applying directly.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our experience gives clients the best possible chance of completing a loan application. 

Raise Up To £500k

We can look to package deals up to £500k unsecured (£200k more than the average)

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