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What is agricultural finance?

As the name suggests agricultural finance is intended to help you run your agricultural business. Due to the high competition that comes with farming, the work associated can be difficult and costly. A farm loan will help you ensure everything is in order on your farm for the foreseeable future. For example, agricultural loans in the UK can help you release some day-to-day working capital, or fund any expenses, such as new machinery, buildings, land or even livestock.

What can you use a farm loan for?

  1. Agricultural land or buildings – Whether you’re trying to acquire more land for farming, or you’d like to build new farm buildings, an agricultural business loan can help. This can help create crop storage, cattle housing, chicken sheds, or extra storage space for grain dryers, grain sheds and feed stores.
  2. Renewable energy sources – Asset finance can help you if you’re trying to start a renewable energy project on your farm. It’ll also give you the means to purchase items such as an anaerobic digester.
  3. Large equipment and machinery – Equipment is an essential part of farming. UK farm finance can help you purchase necessary equipment, for example tractors, balers, combines, plows, mowers, planters, and sprayers.
  4. Livestock, feeds, seeds and fertiliser – Another important aspect of farming is of course the livestock. Farm loans finance the purchase of cattle, pigs, sheep, chicken or any other necessary livestock for your farm. On top of this, the feed for these animals is equally important and can be covered with our loans.
  5. Farm bills – Finally farm business loans can also help with any expenses around your farm. For example if you need to finance a VAT bill or cover late repayments.

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